Artist statement

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist currently predominately working in performance, film, sound and singing. The main focus of my research is altered states of consciousness, including hallucinations, out of body experiences, hysterics, sleep disorders, reaching enlightenment through meditation and grief. My work is shaped by the interviews and stories I collect as I re-imagine the intense emotions within my practice. These stories provide a unique set of research topics on which I base my art practice. My work attempts to magnify the sometimes bizarre nature of different events in a fragmented narrative, often possessing a dreamscape quality. 

Sound plays a major role in my practice. I composes sound designs, melodies, use voiceovers, acquire sounds, write lyrics, use looping pedals and ‘play’ objects such as water in wine glasses and body parts.  I am interested in the psychological impact of sound and attempt to harness its affective qualities within my work.  I am interested in the power of the scream: The mouth as an amplifier for any emotions to come out and affect others, through a performative act. I am sometimes used as a musical instrument by others, when my vocals are distorted by a performer tapping my voice box and distorting my face.

I am drawn to that which we encounter as mysterious. A common link and driving force in my work is my obsession with keeping things alive by uncovering, resurrecting or immortalising them, whether that involves preserving a memory, an environment, an object, a story or peoples beliefs.

I am interested in unusual aspects of a building or location, e.g. playing sound pieces within a stairwell to transform the space. I recognises that sometimes sound is more visual than something which is meant to be looked at.  

I have also made work using multi-media installation, incorporating paraphernalia that reveal the signs of previous ownership combined with found objects. I have included sound, light or kinetics, in some of my pieces which make for a sensory experience whilst in situ.

I am currently one of the artists on The Lifeboat Residency, with Artquest and ACAVA.  My durational rule to work on a new idea each visit to the studio has resulted in a wealth of experimental material.

Copyright of Jojo Taylor 2009-2019 © All rights reserved.


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