GALLERY: The Lost and The Found

the lost and the found detail pink blue light

The Lost and the Found is inspired by the lifecycle of birth and rebirth and the belief shared by people of different faiths that our souls live on eternally after our body dies. It comprises of approximately 250 suspended glass vessels forming a lit cluster of recycled objects, such as vases and perfume bottles likely to have been used in a domestic setting by women. Reincarnation proposes that an essential part of us lives on after the death of our body. Earth is only our temporary abode and our real Home exists in the spiritual realm. When our soul separates from our body, we begin a new life: A life between earthly lives, in which souls live alongside others in cluster groups. The process of returning to our spiritual Home begins when other souls are alerted to our homecoming with the blinking our inner light. We are greeted and escorted on our journey and although temporarily lost to our loved ones on earth, we are found and reunited with the other spirits we have known over many lifetimes. This piece is inspired by this cyclical spiritual journey and the imprints, memories and energy we leave behind, along with our earthly possessions.